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The Team

The management team works in a closely coordinated manner, each backing up and overlapping the others to provide the optimum balance of skill, experience and economy. While each executive¹s management focus is mentioned, all normally deal with multiple aspects of any given case. Typically, in cases with extraordinary staffing needs, in terms of expertise, head count or location, we utilize an extensive network of professionals, including other fiduciaries, bankers, and attorneys, with whom we have had considerable experience to supplement our permanent team.

Robb Evans, Chairman          vCard

Mr. Evans has been an international and domestic banker and fiduciary for many years. He has been chief executive officer of six banks. He was Trustee managing the United States government's interests in the BCCI matter and Trustee on behalf of the BCCI foreign liquidators. He and the firm have been appointed as a Federal Receiver or Trustee by United States District Courts nationwide and as a Receiver by numerous State Courts. Mr. Evans focuses on strategic matters involved with complex federal regulatory receiverships and with matters involving the management, strategy, sale or liquidation of financial institutions. As Trustee, he has had voting control of banks and bank holding companies and has been approved for that role by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. He has served as a California Special Deputy Commissioner of Financial Institutions, is Past President of the California Bankers Association and was named California's 2012 "Distinguished Banker of the Year."

Coleen Callahan         vCard

Ms. Callahan is an asset manager who specializes in the management, valuation, and disposition of assets in Federal and State receivership estates. Ms. Callahan has over 30 years of banking experience and was formerly a bank chief credit officer, manager of special assets, and a real estate and construction loan officer. Ms. Callahan?s assignments have included managing, marketing, and liquidating loan portfolios and other receivables and personal and real property.

Tiffany Chung          vCard

Ms. Chung is a Certified Public Accountant who specializes in forensic financial reconstruction. Ms. Chung was an auditor with KPMG and an Audit Manager with Deloitte & Touche LLP where she managed engagements of banks, other financial institutions, public companies, and hedge funds. In many Federal Regulatory assignments, Ms. Chung has analyzed hundreds of thousands of documents to locate diverted and hidden assets for the benefit of defrauded consumers. She has also assisted in the management of Federal receivership assets and claims processing.

Anita Jen, Chief Financial Officer          vCard

Ms. Jen is a Certified Public Accountant and is Chief Financial Officer of the firm and the estates under management. Ms. Jen manages and directs the activities of four Certified Public Accountants and staff accountants. She specializes in forensic auditing and assembling financial information from receivership records for court reports and for receivership estate management. Ms. Jen has served as the Controller of an independent bank and as an auditor for Columbia Pictures, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, and Arthur Andersen LLP.

Flora Jen          vCard

Ms. Jen is a Certified Public Accountant who specializes in reconstructing mismanaged and incomplete financial records to identify and validate claims for consumer victims and identify potential receivership claims against third parties. She has also managed complex financial operations including commodity trading and import-export trading companies. She was formerly the Controller of a private university. Ms. Jen was also an auditor with Ernst & Young LLP and Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Henry Jen          vCard

Mr. Jen is a project manager who specializes in asset management and cost control strategies in Federal and State Court receivership estates. Mr. Jen has over 20 years of experience in consumer product development and implementation of creative manufacturing procedures.

Kenton Johnson          vCard

Mr. Johnson is an asset manager who supervises marketing, negotiating and approving sale terms, and seeking and obtaining Court approval of sales transactions. Mr. Johnson was formerly a bank chief executive officer and senior credit officer. Mr. Johnson is a founding member of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers and a Director and past Co-Chair of the California Receiver’s Forum.

Brick Kane, President          vCard

Mr. Kane manages and co-manages Federal Regulatory and State Court Receiverships. His primary activities include evaluating, managing, and liquidating receivership assets and supervising outside attorneys conducting litigation. He directs preparation of the Receiver?s initial report in Federal Regulatory actions that is filed in advance of the Preliminary Injunction hearing. Mr. Kane?s case management activities include designing and supervising asset tracing and recovery of fraudulent transfers. To pursue assets as part of a Federal Regulatory Receivership, Mr. Kane has been appointed as a Joint Official Liquidator in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and as Interim Receiver in Hong Kong (SAR). Mr. Kane has testified in numerous courts in the United States, the Cayman Islands, and in the nations of Australia and Vanuatu. Mr. Kane was formerly a bank chief operating officer and chief financial officer. Mr. Kane is a founding member of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers.

S. R. Krishnan, Executive Vice President          vCard

Mr. Krishnan has been an international banker since 1965. He started as an officer of the Reserve Bank of India, and became one of the senior executives of State Bank of India where he served until 1981. He was a Member of the Central Credit & Management Committee of an International Bank headquartered in London with a global presence in 72 countries and served in four continents traveling the globe extensively. He co-managed the BCCI Liquidation since 1991 through its global closure in 2012. He focuses primarily on US and international fiduciary assignments. He manages and co-manages International and US banking liquidations, consolidations, mergers & acquisitions, and regulatory assignments. He has been a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants, London and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London since 1981.

Ming S. Lin          vCard

Mr. Lin, a Certified Public Accountant, has over 20 years of diversified experience in public and corporate accounting. In addition to specializing in forensic financial reconstruction, he directs business valuations and merger & acquisition analysis on a number of cases. While serving with Deloitte & Touche, Los Angeles/Taipei as a Principal, Mr. Lin headed various projects in cross-border bank acquisition, due-diligence review, and litigation support. He was appointed by a number of international manufacturing companies to investigate management fraud.

M. Val Miller, Secretary & General Counsel          vCard

Mr. Miller is a former Associate Chief Counsel of the United States Food and Drug Administration. He served various private sector companies as General Counsel and has managed multiple complex cases on a nationwide basis. Mr. Miller is primarily responsible for controlling litigation costs, negotiating resolutions of disputes short of litigation, and for handling legal transactional matters for the estates. Mr. Miller also evaluates, manages, and arranges for sales of real and personal property assets on a nationwide and international basis. Among the projects he has completed, marketed, and sold are a riverfront lot development, an island in Belize, and a commercial building in Saipan.

Edward Roop          vCard

Mr. Roop has a 29 year career in computer operations, application development, and systems design and is the firm?s senior information systems manager. He specializes in e-commerce and Internet related technologies. He is primarily responsible for Federal Regulatory forensic activities including preserving hardware, software, and data maintained on defendants? premises and with third-party cloud and co-location facilities.