robb evans elements of actual appointments

Operating Businesses

Our fiduciary appointments have included taking control of and maintaining the value of many types of operating businesses.  We have stabilized, operated, and marketed and sold:

  • hotels
  • banks and bank holding companies
  • food processing and distribution operations
  • medical service providers
  • golf courses
  • a credit card/ACH merchant processor
  • mobile home parks
  • a chain of fast food restaurants
  • a creator and provider of educational support systems
  • a manufacturer of water filter and purification products
  • a distributor of dental supplies
  • a custom door manufacturer
  • an ATM service provider
  • a wholesale seafood supplier

Our activities often include improving efficiency, decreasing overhead and other expenses while maintaining the valuable momentum of the going concern. In many instances we have diagnosed and eliminated health and safety violations and have dealt with environmental issues. We have also been appointed as a neutral party to temporarily control and manage enterprises that are subject to ownership or control disputes, pending resolution of the underlying dispute.