First American Corporation (Sole Director)

Robb Evans, Trustee for the United States of America in the matter of BCCI.

Robb Evans and his colleagues managed the wind up of the infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in various jurisdictions in the United States. BCCI was the largest financial fraud and asset forfeiture in history. Robb Evans served as Trustee for the United States by appointment of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia in the BCCI case. Currently, Robb Evans is also Trustee for the overseas Court Appointed Fiduciaries of BCCI.

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Brief History of the United States Liquidation of BCCI dated November 21, 2012

Wall Street Journal editorial dated August 2, 2001

Opinion of Judge Joyce Henns Green dated July 12, 1999.

Final Order of Forfeiture and Disbursemant dated July 2, 1999.

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