Proposals for Distribution of Funds

Robb Evans & Associates LLC, Receiver of WG Trading Investors, LP, et al.

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission's and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Joint Notice of Recommendation for a Distribution Plan
Filed December 20, 2010

Notice of Commencement of the Receiver's Claims Administration Procedures
Dated September 1, 2010

Kern County Employees' Retirement Association
Declaration of Noel C. Cohen in Support Thereof
(Document 362/363)
Filed October 22, 2010

Qwest Management Company and Qwest Pension Trust
(Document 361)
Filed October 22, 2010

University of Pittsburgh
(Document 360)
Filed October 22, 2010

Vulcan Materials Company
(Document 359)
Filed October 22, 2010

Coopers Industries, Inc. Master Trust for Defined Benefit Plans
(Document 358)
Filed October 22, 2010

James L. Carder
(Document 357)
Filed October 22, 2010

Alexander Dawson Foundation and Alexander Dawson, Inc.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association National Retirement Trust
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation Asbestos Personal Injury Trust
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Employee Retirement Income Plan Trust
3M Employee Welfare Benefit Association Trust I
3M Employee Welfare Benefit Association Trust II
3M Employee Welfare Benefit Association Trust III
North Dakota State Investment Board
Sacramento County Employees' Retirement System
San Diego County Employees Retirement Association
(Document 356)
Filed October 22, 2010

Acument Global Technologies, Inc.
Bowling Green State University
Cabora Investments PTE LTD.
Carnegie Mellon University
Frist Foundation
The HCA Foundation
Houston Municipal Employees Pension System
Iowa Employee Retirement System
Laird North Tyee Trust Company as Trustee for the Theodore R. Johnson Charitable Reminder Unitrust
Ohio Northern University
Oklahoma State University Foundation
The McClatchy Company Retirement Plan Trust (Formerly Knight Ridder Master Trust)
The Timkin Company Collective Investment Trust
The University of Tennessee
Wells Fargo and Company Master Pension Trust
(Document 355)
Filed October 22, 2010

CBS Master Trust
Declaration of Rosanne C. Baxter in Support Thereof
(Document 349/350)
Filed October 22, 2010

H-E-B Brand Savings and Retirement Plan Trust
(Document 347)
Filed October 21, 2010